Infinity is committed to Open Source

We have been Open Source contributors for almost a decade. Infinity strongly believes that Open Source is not just about getting code for free, it is about being contributing members of a vibrant and growing community.


We are avid contributors to the CPAN, with hundreds of modules uploaded by our employees (past and present). We are also the originators of the popular Moose Object System for Perl, as well as actively spearheading efforts to improve OO support in the Perl core.

Perl may be our first love, but we are a polyglot shop: our employees have open sourced code in a large number of different languages/platforms targeting a variety of operating systems. Infinity employees actively contribute to a diverse range of OSS projects and we actively strive to "pay it forward" by releasing code we write for our clients whenever possible.

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In addition to our code contributions, Infinity is active in the Open Source community. We regularly sponsor Perl events, and Infinity employees are frequent presenters and keynote speakers at these conferences. Additionally, many Infinity employees are active participants and leaders in local user groups, online community forums, and mailing lists.

At Infinity, it is our conviction that the true value of Open Source software can only by found through participation.

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